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What’s Programmatic Advertising?

With each passing season, the marketing world is evolving into greater strategies in advertising. New ways of business representation are forming, allowing for easier communications with clients. From text message marketing to SEO, advertising developments grow and stretch daily. Programmatic advertising uses technology to sell and buy through automated methods. Simply put, ad spaces such as video, mobile, and native ads are considered the types of ads that programmatic advertising represents. Let’s take a look at some ways programmatic advertising is implemented and how it can effectively help grow your business.

Early Internet Era

Back when the internet first gained popularity, ad buying was considered to be simpler than it is today because of the genuine relationship between the buyer and seller. The goals between both buyer and seller were simple as well. The buyer was to influence an action on the part of the target audience and the sellers responsibility was to attract the audience to want to buy the product. It wasn’t long before agencies began to develop strategies for advertisers to gain exposure to their audience. After a while, this began to breed a lot of ad inventory that left an oversupply, eventually leading to Ad Networks that stored unsold ads for advertisers to choose when needed. Fast forward to our digital age now and you will see that programmatic advertising has made an efficient way to reach your target audience in its evolving ad techniques.

Types of Programmatic Advertising

Various types of methods make up programmatic advertising. While all slightly different in description, their objective is to bring you in view of your target audience.

Fixed pricing – This old school type of negotiation focuses on an exact cost that goes directly through human interaction and is still a well-used method today.

Reserved/Unreserved Inventory – Reserved is when the publisher settles and agrees upon an exact rate for ads whereas unreserved the publisher creates a location for ads that are sold directly.

Programmatic Direct – When a buyer takes the publisher’s ad inventory at a fixed price it’s called programmatic direct. A sales team is involved in this type of selling.

How Can Programmatic Advertising Benefit my Business?

Sellers and buyers can take endless advantage of the plethora of benefits from programmatic advertising. This method uses a time-saving approach to cut of human involvement which makes ad buying much more efficient and quick. It’s a budget-friendly approach to advertising because the buyer isn’t wasting time (or funds) on unused ads. Programmatic advertising targets your exact audience by using key performance and data points to reach them effectively. Above all, this strategy allows you to reach your target audience (anywhere in the world) by placing multiple ads in multiple locations.

Programmatic advertising is most effective in the hands of a professional agency. Are you looking to expand your target audience? Would like to learn how you can be in the front of the search engine? Our savvy team of technical experts can help. Call our office for more information!


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