August 11, 2017 MSM360admin

What Is Geo-Fencing?

Have you ever been passing by a store and get an email or text with a special offer? This is possible with geo-fencing by using GPS or RFID to define a geographical boundary. This process is very useful in the digital marketing realm due to the amount of people with smartphones.

More and more businesses are utilizing this tool in their apps, email marketing, and text marketing. This is beneficial to business due to the power they have to trigger a spontaneous and immediate sale. Even if a business doesn’t trigger the sale it gives the business enormous amounts of information to possibly better marketing efforts.

Geo-fencing has really taken over the smartphone world with push notifications. Anytime you allow push notifications on your smartphone that gives the company the ability to send alerts to your phone. With the benefit of geo-fencing companies use push notifications to their advantage.

When you combine geofencing and smartphone applications you gain a powerhouse. Businesses then gain the ability to send a message to a customer that hasn’t shopped at the particular store in a while or maybe send a message about new products based on what they have searched for. This ability combined with the amount of information collected by companies can be very beneficial to any business.

Businesses have the ability to set-up a geofence location on a competitor’s business and anytime someone enters or leaves send them an alert about their business. This gives them the ability to gain business from their competitors with information or a special offer sent via text, email, or apps.

Geo-fencing is quickly growing and a beneficial tool for growing businesses to better their reach to customers. Give us a call at Main Street Media 360 if you have any questions or concerns with your digital presence.

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