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Web Design 101: Is Your Denver Website Fully Optimized?

Competition in business is fierce and ensuring that you have every possible advantage is smart. This definitely rings true when it comes to your presence on the web. Have you wondered, or even considered if your website is fully optimized for performance, speed and functionality? Checking in with a Denver web design company to see if your site cuts muster is one of the smartest business moves you can make in the digital age.  

Is your website responsive

One of the first things a reputable Denver web design company will look for is to determine if your site is fully responsive. This means that your site adapts well to different devices on which it’s viewed. Search engines rank responsive sites higher than sites that aren’t, and since more people access the internet on phones and tablets these days than desktop computers, ensuring your site behaves well on smaller screens is of paramount importance. 

How’s your SEO

Search engine optimization is also an important factor when judging how well your site is performing. SEO as it’s called, is the practice of including specific keywords and meaningful content on your site that will show search engines that your website is an authority on the specific type of business you’re in. Not only do you want search engines to recognize and reward your site as an authority, but you also want visitors to your site to have a meaningful experience and find all of the information they’re looking for there.  

How does your site compare to the competition

Comparing your site to your main competitors is another common exercise when it comes to sizing up your web presence. A Denver web design company will do this for you when judging how well your site is optimized. It’s also smart to occasionally do so yourself so that you always know what else is out there, who the players are in your industry, and what you can do better to set you apart from the competition.   

Is your content accurate

The importance of content was mentioned just a bit ago, and it’s never been more true. It used to be that you could stuff important keywords into your content to trigger search engines to return your site for specific searches regardless of how meaningful or helpful your website was. Now, search engines and potential customers don’t care to waste time and want to find the specific information they’re looking for as quickly as they possibly can. It’s important to ensure that the content on your site is helpful and accurate.

Do you add new content

One of the most effective ways to optimize your website and to keep in the good graces of search engines is to add new content often. This is easily done if your website was built with a blog or news section. These sections of your site lend to adding new, fresh material often that allows you to take advantage of industry trends and buzzwords to capture traffic and potential customers. If you find that it’s tough to regularly add new content to your site, consider enlisting the help of a web design agency that can do this for you on a weekly or monthly basis. 

Do you have links

Links are very important when it comes to web site optimization. Links simply mean that clicking on a word, a group of words, header or button will take you from one page on a website to someplace else. It’s equally important to have inbound and outbound links. Inbound links help a user to navigate your site by taking them from one page to another in an easy way. Outbound links take your user from a link on your site to an external site, preferably one that gets a lot of traffic or is somehow considered very useful by your site visitors.

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