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5 Social Media Sites That Can Make or Break your Brand

Whether you sell merchandise or offer a specific service, if you’re not correctly using these five platforms to build your business and generate new leads, then you’re hurting your brand and value. Maybe you’re on a major social media site but are using the wrong channels. Social media can positively impact the way you do business by simply learning the marketing ropes, keeping up with social trends, and building solid relationships with leads. These five platforms will correct the posture of your marketing and make you stand up tall among the crowd.

Social Media Tree


Facebook is number one in social media networking because virtually anyone can use it. It’s a simple platform that anyone can follow, whether they have a business or are connecting with family and friends. Through your personal page, you can create a business page and share it with your friends and family. When it comes to sharing your voice, Facebook provides several ways to connect with leads and build your base. Facebook gives others the option to share your special promotions or statuses, which will increase traffic to your website. From new promotional ads to special events that your business is a part of, Facebook is one of the most resourceful ways to grab new leads.


Twitter is an excellent resource for new and seasoned businesses because of its ability to interact quickly with everyone. With Twitter, you are constantly updating your tweets, multiple times a day, every day. From special last-minute promotions to new additions within your business, the benefit of using Twitter is the ability to make your leads want what you have to offer. In order to make your voice heard, engage in relatable conversation with other like-minded individuals who inquire about your business.


The phrase, “A picture says a thousand words”, sums up your average social interaction on Instagram. This platform allows professionals from all fields to post a catchy and relevant picture and description. But don’t let this get to your head; the overuse of pictures or irrelevant content will decrease your potential leads, causing followers to drop out because of inconsistency or non-business related material. When you post a picture or video, make it unique. Use props, interesting facts, or interview people to make your brand come to life. You will spark the interest of new leads and rekindle the old ones.


Whatever your profession, sharing your expertise on a particular brand or product has never been easier! Now, you can utilize YouTube to your advantage with a personal video of your business. You can explain your latest technique within your company or maybe offer a Q&A video. But keep it short and sweet! Get straight to the point, narrowing in on your questions, and always ask for feedback. Lengthy videos are more likely to get overlooked, so keep all of the important details at the beginning.


Nowadays, Yelp is the go-to place for reviews. Wouldn’t you like to know how you’re doing in your community? Or how are you providing outstanding services to clients? Yelp is a great way to get connected with both locals and travelers who share their experience and support. If you receive a negative review, the customer usually puts a detailed explanation regarding the issue, leaving you with the chance to win them over.


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