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SEO Audits and Why They Are Important

If your business is web-based and depends on traffic for increased revenue, you need to know the term SEO if you don’t already. SEO stands for search engine optimization and is an SEO audit is one of the single best things you can do for your web-based business. The field is in a constant state of flux, so it’s best to find an SEO professional to help you on this journey. Here are just a few things you should know about audits and why they’re important. 

SEO audits for the win 

During an SEO audit, a trained analyst or strategist will take a very close look at the bones of your website. They’ll check out the back end of your website and ensure that your hosting and indexing is in good shape. They will then turn their attention to the front-facing parts of your website and look for keyword strength, the quality of your content, and the metadata that your site includes. And finally, before finishing the audit, they will check out the quality of your inbound and outbound links which are an important factor for search engines.  

Determining your strengths

The point of an audit is to find the strength of your website which you can feel good about. If a strategist finds that your content is perfect and sure to cause search engines to see your site as an authority on a subject, you earn big points. If your site was built well with clean code and a solid hosting platform, you’ll score big in that realm too.  

Uncovering your weaknesses

What’s even more telling about audit results are the weaknesses found. This isn’t anything to feel bad about and very few websites are inherently perfect. Add that the SEO field is constantly changing and, well, you have a moving target to aim for. But uncovering your weaknesses puts you one step close to a fully optimized website that will be drawing potential customer from all corners of the Internet.  

Why you need SEO audits today

Estimates suggest that nearly 2/3 of small businesses depend almost entirely on the performance of their website to impact their bottom line. If you fall into that category, the time is now to have an SEO audit performed on your site. If weaknesses are found, many of the fixes are simple and an ongoing plan can emerge to continue ensuring that your site stays at the top of the list for search returns.


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