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The Importance Of Having A Local Business Listing On Google

Think about it-how many times have you looked to Google on your phone or computer when you find yourself in search of a particular product or service? While word of mouth recommendations from our friends and family are always appreciated, we live in a fast paced world of instant gratification, courtesy of our devices, and we want to get the information we need as quickly as possible.

Well, your prospective clients think and feel the same way. This is why it’s more crucial now than ever before to have your own business correctly listed online. Not having your business listed effectively is actually detrimental to the overall health and growth of your company, as it limits the ability of new customers to locate you, and leaves you open to getting  overlooked in favor of competitors in your same field.

One of the most important areas for your business to have exposure is the Google Knowledge Graph. This is the cluster of information on the top right-hand side of the page that loads up whenever you search for a specific term or business name on Google. This Graph is extremely beneficial to businesses, as it provides prospective buyers with a quick snapshot of basic information about your company, including (in most cases) an image (your company logo, etc), map location, the category of your business, your contact information/hours and reviews from existing clients.

For example:

mainstreet media 360 graph

As of February 2016, Google has begun employing some new strategies to allow business administrators to have better control of some of the elements in their own graphs, but there are still many internal techniques which Google uses to glean information about individual companies and businesses from across the web. Google pulls information from a variety of different sources, including external websites, directories, data aggregators and social media pages.

This indicates that in order to give your business the best exposure possible, it’s important to have a synergistic, comprehensive consistent strategy in place to make sure that your local business listing is correctly listed and cataloged online. Google is both a beloved friend and fickle beast to the small business owner, but it is tamable, just so long as you understand what information is required to be seen and listed properly.

When you’re an independent small business owner, it can seem challenging and intimidating to try and take full advantage of the opportunities available online to get your business the exposure it needs. At Main Street Media 360, we’re dedicated to making sure your business outperforms the competition and remains on the cutting edge of digital marketing as it evolves day to day. Contact us toll free at 866-615-4611 to learn more today!


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