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How to be a Real Redditor?


Reddit has become part of pop culture among the millions of users nowadays. There is something for everyone on it. Be it the latest news, literature, fashion and lifestyle, you can always find a subreddit that is simply made for you. But what is Reddit? Let us give you a deeper insight into the complete guide to Reddit to get you Reddit-ready!

Reddit users can gather links and share them with each other. The links can be either videos, photos, articles or anything at all. These can also be shared with smaller communities called “subreddit” which are specific topic-based communities.

What is Reddit?

For anyone who spends enough time on the internet, they definite stumble upon Reddit. The users or the ‘Redditors’ can vote and comment or even share the links. The ones who have been active on Reddit know all this very well, and how to use it. However, for newcomers, all of these seem very overwhelming.

First things first- Sign Up and Lurk

Users who follow Reddit only for the namesake without commenting or participating are called as “lurkers”. For beginners, this might even be a good idea to figure out Reddit. While for serious Redditors, the more active you are, the more you get from Reddit. On signing up, you get the privilege to subscribe to various subreddits. You can even upvote the contents you like or downvote if you dislike them. For instance, if you are a history buff, you can really enjoy all the content on the history community.

Reddit Enhancement Suite

The Reddit interface can definitely confuse any novice users. Sure, the interface is made as simple as possible but the initial learning curve for some can be a difficult one. There are a number of actions available on a single page which can easily confuse anyone.

Reddit Enhancement Suite (RES) is the best solution to simplify this confusing experience. This is an add-on that is compatible with most of the browsers. It also adds multiple functionalities such as viewing an image without clicking any link and scrolling without clicking on a new page. RES also improves commenting.

There is absolutely no doubt that RES lets you use Reddit in its best form. With the conventional Reddit, you are required to navigate to another page to view the linked images which are not the case with RES.

And what is Karma?

Karma in Reddit means different to different people. Every time there is someone who upvotes a post which you have updated both you and the commenter receives one karma point. Likewise, if someone downvotes your post, you lose karma.

The posts that receive the highest upvotes rise to the top. The ones with the negative karmas go to the bottom of the page. The Karmas are basically awards that are visible on a user’s profile and are basically scoreboards for every user.

Karma has no use outside of Reddit yet its usage within Reddit is manifold for those that value it. People with excessive karma have the access to a few subreddits but these grant them no privileges for special posting, voting or commenting. The users collect karma only to collect karma.

Is using a fake name in Reddit possible?

It definitely is possible to use a fake name in Reddit. Except for subreddits, any user can view your entire comment and post section. It is unnecessary to associate your real name because you will be leaving behind a huge paper trail.

Is it possible to hunt for stuff in Reddit?

You can definitely view stuff in Reddit but it is not the best place where you would want to go hunting for stuff you are really searching. Reddit returns you to a limited number of results for any query. It is preferable that you use Google or any other search engine. However, the subreddit might land you on your preferred answers if all you are doing is searching for a specific community.

Posting on Reddit

Reddit is a link sharing site. You cannot directly upload images on it. Firstly, you need to upload the images to Imgur and only then post the Imgur link on Reddit.

Now go on be a Real Redditor

Now that you have the basics of Reddit, get out there and start redditing. Look for a few subreddits that interest you and lurk for a few days till you get acquainted with Reddit. Before you know it, you will be a Redditor and find that some way or the other everything starts with Reddit.


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