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Does your Business’ Website Need A New Design?

It is crucial for businesses to have an appealing online present nowadays. With how much current businesses need to rely on the internet, it is no longer acceptable for a business to have an outdated website design. Most websites need to be updated every few years to stay relevant and engaging. A website redesign costs time and money to properly execute, but is necessary for your business’ continued success. But how do you know if you need a website redesign?

Web Design in Denver, Colorado

What do the numbers say?

One of the easiest ways to track how successful your current website is, is through the use of engagement metrics. Look at the engagement and bounce rates on your website’s pages. These numbers will be able to tell you how many unique users are visiting, engaging with and leaving your website. If you have a high bounce rate and a low engagement rate you know your website is not performing effectively. While these metrics could be influenced by many factors, more often than not a major reason for people leaving a website is due to confusing page layouts or designs.  

Get some feedback!

The user experience (UX) is constantly shifting and changing which means your website should also be shifting and changing, in terms of design. If you’ve had your website for a significant amount of time, its possible the industry’s UX design best practices have changed. While you may think your website is perfect, a customer or client could have an entirely different perspective. Encourage your clients, employees and friends to test your website and give you feedback on it. Getting an unbiased and fresh point of view on the current design of your website can give you some much needed insight into where and how improvements can be made. And if you decide that you need a new web design based off of their feedback, you may want to reach out to a digital marketing company in Denver for that fresh, new look.

Ditch the lag time

In this day in age, Smartphones and other handheld devices have become a preferred medium for website browsing. If your website is not responsive, takes forever to load and/or does not execute a seamless design experience across multiple devices, it is time to redesign your website. Being able to explore your website easily, whether from their mobile devices or laptops, is a highly prioritized feature for potential customers. Equally, your page visitors do not want to wait for each page, image or clickable link to buffer so browser compatibility and fast load times are instrumental in an effective website.

Content is key

It should be quick and easy to regularly update and add to your website’s content. It’s important to ask yourself if your website has the technology and customizability to incorporate digital marketing strategies and optimization capabilities. If the answer is no, then it is time to put your business on the same playing field as your competitors. You don’t want to discourage people from visiting and staying on your website because they think you never publish new or relevant content. Being able to readily update your website’s marketing, product and creative content materials is a website function your business can no longer do without.

Your website reflects your brand

It is very simple, if your website looks old-fashioned and outdated, your business and brand appear old-fashioned and outdated. Investing in the latest website technology and design puts you ahead of your competition and gives you a slight advantage in the marketplace. A sleek and modern website design reflects a healthy and forward-thinking company that can evolve and stay-relevant.

Your website can say a lot about your business and its design should be deliberate and well executed. If you need a new web design in Denver, or the surrounding areas, look no further than Main Street Media 360.


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