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The Correlation Between Branding And Logo Design


It’s easy for people to get confused with branding and logo design. Given that these two elements work so closely together, how can you not make the connection? In reality, they are two separate entities that serve two different purposes. This article is going to look at the differences and the correlation between branding and logo design. At the end of the article, you should be able to make a clear distinction between the two.

The Branding Process

When you look at the branding process of your company, you are looking at every aspect your company represents. From the products you sell, the way you advertise them, the endorsements you use for marketing campaigns, and anything else related to the company is part of the branding process. It speaks to every inch of the establishment, and it needs to stir emotions from customers.

The best way to understand this concept is to look at other popular brands. A good example would be a sports merchandise giant like Nike. The name is derived from the Greek God of Victory, and everything they do comes with a touch of class. Yes, it’s an expensive brand, but it’s the way they sell it. Quality merchandise made by experts in the field of sports, that’s what the Nike brand tells you. And what about the logo?

The Logo Design

Sticking with the Nike example, their logo is basic, straightforward, and captures what the company stands for, namely movement and speed. However, it only represents part of the branding process. In fact, it is regarded as the “trigger” for the emotions you try to create through the branding process.

If, for instance, you were presented with a logo you have never seen before. What are the odds that you will have an emotional connection to it? Not very good, because you haven’t “experienced” the brand first.

But if you see a Nike logo, your thoughts will go back to the time you bought those Nike running shoes, and how long they kept you speeding down the road? You think about their sophisticated ads and big-name endorsements. Ultimately, it is the brand experience that gives the logo design the power to unlock emotions.

However, this doesn’t mean less attention should be paid to the logo. Instead, a lot of thought should go into what the logo design is going to be. Remember, it needs to be basic but still unique. It needs to connect with the brand in such a way that when people see it, they will go through the same motions when they see a Nike logo.

At the same time, the logo should be practical enough to be used on different merchandise, which makes the choice of color very difficult.

Find A Balance

Finding the right balance between branding and the logo design is going to be an intimidating challenge. And it’s for this reason you want to consult with experts if you are serious about making your brand an influential powerhouse.

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