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6 Reasons Why Website Security is Important

Did you know that there are an estimated 1 billion websites on the internet? Even more staggering is that every 39 seconds, one of those websites will be hacked. If you’re a business that values the safety of your customer’s data and information, the time has come to think long and hard about website security

1. It’s your reputation 

Website security is critical to maintaining your online reputation. If you’re in the retail sector, and your website suffers a breach which requires that you notify your customers that a criminal out there may or may not have their personal information, there is a good chance that customer won’t be shopping again with you in the future. It’s your responsibility to protect customer data in every way that you possibly can and a breach sends the message that you don’t value their privacy.  

2. Protect your data

Not only should you be concerned about protecting your customer’s data, but you should also be concerned about protecting your own. Hackers and other nefarious characters steal approximately 75 pieces of critical information and records every second. And one of their most popular methods is called website defacement, where they actually change the content on your site to include content they push out for one reason or another and which never leaves a good impression with customers.  

3. Hackers are everywhere

There are hackers all over the world working to steal consumer data and critical business information from any place they can get it. Three groups of hackers are most active and lethal, those are groups in Russia, North Korea, and China. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of criminals right here at home looking to steal from you and your customers online.  

4. Recovery can be costly

A big portion of hacker activity is directed at small businesses. In addition, it can take a long time for a small business to even sniff out the attack and correct it, long after hackers have already stolen whatever they were looking for. Some small businesses that have experienced this report that they didn’t think they could ever recover, and the global cost of cybercrimes last year topped $1 billion. 

Attacks on websites tend to hit three sectors—retail sites, government sites, and political sites. If your business or website falls within one of those categories, the time is now to have a serious conversation with a trusted partner about protecting your websites and customers. The effects of attacks can be brutal both for the consumer and a business owner. Don’t wait and find out first hand. 

5. Customer trust

Customer trust is the lifeblood of your business. It’s something you should protect at all costs and this should extend to your business presence online. To protect that trust, it’s paramount that you spend time and energy as a business owner, thinking about ways that you can protect your customers better when they’re on your website or trusting your website to safely hold critical information. 

6. Peace of mind

Entrusting a partner to help you see your way through the world of website security will be one of the smartest business decisions you’ve ever made. Having someone who knows what they’re looking for on and on the watch will protect your customers and your future. If you haven’t had a conversation about website security with a professional, do so today. 


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