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3 Types of Web Design You Should Know

Did you know there’s an art to building your website? From the fonts to the colors, and even imagery, your website’s success is dependent on the strategic placement of these elements so your readers know instantly what you’re all about. Your brand should be clear, concise and provide instant gratification of some kind to your readers. With an abundance of web designs to choose from, which one will convey your message accurately? We’ve narrowed down the plethora of designs to help you find one that serves that purpose.

The Importance of Proper Website Design

According to a survey, 53.8% of web designers cite that businesses websites are non-responsive on all devices, forcing readers to leave right away. This means it’s time for a redesign!

Your ideal website should reflect a particular message. It should engage your visitors while simultaneously helping them make a decision. Proper website design means you have consistency, functionality, imagery, simplicity, typography and colors all working in unison to deliver your message clearly. It should be simple to navigate and technically stable, while capturing the reader’s attention with visually pleasing elements.

Flat Web Design

This website design delivers a minimalist approach for your readers. Its two-dimensional elements and bright colors stand out enough for the reader to get an understanding of the product or service being offered. Flat design began with the release of Windows 8, and remains a solid design for many companies to date. Its smooth and user-friendly features allow for compatibility on any device, specifically mobile, depending on the screen size.

Typography Web Design

In short, typography is simply displaying a message in an art form that is readable and eye-catching. Typography in website design uses colors and fonts that grab the reader’s attention. It uses type in the design with deliberate fonts, sizes of fonts, color, alignment and other factors that bring your website and brand together. It may look like a simple design you can do on your own, but the complexity lies in the detail of each proportionate element on that web page. Because you’re only given a few seconds to make your first impression, it’s wise to understand proper placement with the typography design on your page. It’s highly important to find a reliable website design Denver team to create a typography website that speaks to the reader while staying true to your brand.

Single Page Web Design

Certainly not new in the world of web design, this single page caters to all people, specifically those with shorter attention spans. It’s as plain as it gets; a single page with all of your brand information for the consumer to behold. So, don’t feel as though you need all the bells and whistles of your website design Denver competition. When you’re just beginning, this is effective and practical for any business.

Website Design In a Nutshell

If you’re not aware already, website design is pretty important for your brand and your business. The complexity that surrounds website design can get overwhelming. You have elements such as Google ads, social media management, videography and photography, and even SEO that blend together to create a successful outcome. Your website design should reflect your brand right off the bat. It may be helpful to hire a digital marketing team for your brand so you can collaborate with a professional on how you plan to run your business.

There are many options out there, but only one web design that conveys your message. Main Street Media 360 is your local website design Denver team who has the tools to make your brand stand out and make a lasting impression on your readers. Contact them today to schedule a call for your website design!

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