September 14, 2017 MSM360admin

3 Tips for Good Website SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimization can seem very confusing at times. IT’s easy though when you know what to do. Like anything else, there’s usually just a few major points to put your attention on and you can achieve powerful results in SEO for your website.


Know what keywords to target

There’s a few things to take into consideration when choosing what keywords to target. First thing, you need to make sure to think about your searcher’s intention. Second, make sure to be specific and not too broad. Finally, match your content to what your searcher needs.

When you think about the searcher’s intention, you place yourself in their shoes and imagine what they are thinking when they jump on a search engine and put in the search term. Are they looking to purchase or contact a company? Are they looking for information and research? Generally, you will want to target the keywords where the searcher’s intention is to take action instead of wondering around. Target keywords that are more likely to lead to purchases sooner instead of later.

Generally, the more specific they keywords are, the better they will do for your company. Keywords that are too broad are usually pool converters – people are just not as likely to take action on the spot. Keywords that are more specific lead to searchers who know what they want and have already done all the research they need in many cases. These are users who are closer to taking action and purchasing.

Finally, you need to match your content to the searcher’s needs. If you want to target users who are asking questions then target keywords that are question keywords: who, what, where, how, when, why.


Edit your page titles.

One of the most important parts of the text is the page title. This is because the title is counted very highly in value by search engines and also is the main thing that people see on the search results.

The more people who click your website, the higher your search result placement tends to be. Therefor, you want to include the keyword in the title and also an attractive call to action or special offer to make the person want to click your site.


Use lots of similar and alternative terms in your text

It’s important to use a lot of similar, related, and alternative keywords in your text. This is important because search engines look for relevant words within the text to show that they text is “expert level quality”. Also, your page will end up ranking for many more keywords too, often times ones that you never even knew would work.

Take these three tips into consideration and you’re well on your way to optimizing your website SEO. If you want a professional company to take care of all this hard work for you, just call us today to learn more about how we can help you.

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